Friday, October 16, 2009

Si Comel Berbaju Raya Contest @Baby Ibu

salam semua....

Let's join "Si Comel Berbaju Melayu Contest" @ BabyIbu. This time i'm posting this entry at Usually i will do the entry for any contest at Looks like today is the last day for entry so i better post this fast! Hopefully there's rezeki for Alya this time even though in the last minute... AMIN!

Some info about this contest... there are 2 categories (A for Boys and B for Girls). This time it looks like there are a lot of prizes to be given by BabyIbu and the sponsors. So nice! If you all wants to see the prizes, please go to BabyIbu Yeah!

Let's talk then about the first time my gegerl celebrate her Hari Raya. First daughter, so it's understandable that there's a lot to be prepared for her. Like this baju kurung... my auntie is the tailor... specially made for Alya to wear on Hari Raya. But there's not much pictures of her in Baju Kurung since she's a bit cranky that day. Maybe it's a bit hot and she's not really used to that. Hehe. She already asked in her own way for mummy to change her clothes by 2P.M

Name: alya zahra mohd zarin
Age: 9 bulan++ (11 januari 2009 - birthday siti nurhaliza ni....)

Because the organizer only allow to post 1 picture, that's the picture that mummy selected as entry for the contest. So, if you want to see other pictures of her (with mummy offcourse!) then please go to hehehe.

Lastly, thanks to the sponsors!
Gin & Jacqie, eoe Online, leanalittleshop, Sherry, TH, Mia dan Niko.

p/s Harap-harap ada rezeki Alya Zahra kali nih... ;-)


  1. Oh, Alya Zahra looks super cute there; hope you'll win! :-)

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